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    14 Pictures That Show What Cake Looks Like Around The World

    I now want to spend my next birthday in Denmark.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us what a traditional cake looks like in their country. Here are the most delicious results…

    1. Croatia / Creative Commons

    "I looooooove krempita/kremšnita. It’s from Croatia and I could honestly eat it all day with no regrets. I buy it all the time when I’m on vacation in Croatia or eat some homemade ones from my aunt. It’s a mix of a crispy pastry and a wobbly kind of custard."


    2. Philippines

    Flickr: 19546327@N00 /Creative Commons

    "A popular cake in the Philippines is Ube cake! It’s a purple yam cake that is both sweet and delicious." —diane25

    3. Germany

    4. Sweden

    Flickr: pjamesm / Creative Commons

    "In Sweden we have Prinsesstårta (princess cake). It’s 2-3 layers with spongecake with vanilla cream, and jam & whipped cream in-between. Then it’s green marzipan and a marzipan rose on top. If you want to you can top it of with powdered sugar." —redbike04

    5. South Africa

    Flickr: nebulux / Creative Commons

    "In South Africa we have melktert, which directly translates to milk tart." —ginam462a9fd71

    6. Denmark

    Flickr: julochka / Creative Commons

    "A Danish Kagemand, which literally translates to 'cake man', is often used at birthdays. The cake consists of a body made of Danishes, candy sprinkled on top, and marzipan spelling out the name and sometimes the age of the birthday kid. They're pretty big and one cake usually feeds about 15-20 people." —mathilderichmanno

    7. Argentina

    Flickr: cibergaita / Creative VCommons

    "There are multiple Argentinian classics and most of them involve a lot of dulce de leche. Rogel is a cake with multiple layers of crust and dulce de leche, all covered in meringue. Delicious!" —marianal4bc348272

    8. Brazil

    Flickr: cinmarshmellow / Creative Commons

    "We have lots of traditional cakes here in Brazil, like bolo de fubá (cornmeal cake), bolo de aipim (cassava cake) and bolo de rolo (rollcake filled with guava), but my favorite is bolo de cenoura com cobertura de chocolate (carrot cake with chocolate icing). It's the most delicious cake in the world, believe me. My grandma used to bake it every week. Tastes like childhood." — janinha

    9. Indonesia

    Flickr: seadam / Creative Commons

    "Kue lapis is a must-have in my home when family and friends come calling or visiting. Each layer is baked using either an open flame or by using only top heat or broiling in a modern oven. The cake is sweet, moist, and rich, and spices are added in to give it a sweet aroma. It's a very rich cake made with a lot of eggs and butter. Therefore, it is usually served in very small pieces." —mayatrainor

    10. Colombia

    11. Barbados

    12. Libya

    Flickr: garrettziegler / Creative Commons

    "A much loved traditional dessert in Libya called basbousa. It’s a semolina based cake drenched in a sugar honey syrup topped with nuts (usually almonds or pistachios). People came up with many variations of the dessert but the classic one is heavenly!" —ghadah3

    13. UK

    Flickr: kathryn-wright / Creative Commons

    "In England we have the Victoria sponge — two layers of sponge cake sandwiched with a layer of vanilla cream and raspberry or strawberry jam."


    14. Puerto Rico

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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