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24 British Drunk Foods That Will Confuse The Rest Of The World

No one does carbs better.

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1. A gloriously greasy doner kebab.

The gold standard of British drunk food.

3. And chips drowned in gravy.

The soggier, the better.

4. Chicken from a fried chicken shop.

Best served with a can of Rio, or maybe even a Rubicon if you're feeling really fancy.


9. A burger from a van.

There's just something about a burger van burger that makes it stand head and shoulders above all other burgers.

12. The Scottish munchie box.

Just a giant orgy of takeaway food.


14. A bowl or two of cereal.

Worse case scenario while making this one is that you leave the milk out of the fridge overnight.

16. Chips with cheese and gravy.



17. Jumbo sausage.

A regular-sized sausage just won't do when you're drunk.


21. Steak bakes for those lucky enough to live somewhere with a late night Greggs.

Yes, these do exist and we honestly need more of them.

23. Doner meat and chips served in a pitta.

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There's no need for salad – it only takes up space that could be occupied by more meat.