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    24 British Drunk Foods That Will Confuse The Rest Of The World

    No one does carbs better.

    1. A gloriously greasy doner kebab.

    2. Chips topped with a questionable curry sauce.

    3. And chips drowned in gravy.

    4. Chicken from a fried chicken shop.

    5. A cheeky Pot Noodle.

    6. Pizza from a dodgy shop.

    7. And pizza topped with kebab meat.

    8. A nice, simple chip butty.

    9. A burger from a van.

    10. And a microwaveable one.

    11. Cheese melted on toast using a microwave.

    12. The Scottish munchie box.

    13. Deep fried Mars bar.

    14. A bowl or two of cereal.

    15. Cheesy chips.

    16. Chips with cheese and gravy.

    17. Jumbo sausage.

    18. Jumbo sausage in batter.

    19. Mccain microwave chips.

    20. Parmo.

    21. Steak bakes for those lucky enough to live somewhere with a late night Greggs.

    22. Pie from a chip shop.

    23. Doner meat and chips served in a pitta.

    24. Just a plain block of cheese.