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    23 Sins Everyone Who Grew Up Drinking In Britain Has Committed

    Forgive me, Father, for I have ginned.

    1. Getting your first taste of alcohol by raiding the parents' liquor cabinet and having a swig of some spirit you're pretty sure they don't even make any more.

    2. Asking "Whose round is it?" as a polite alternative to "It's your round, hurry the fuck up."

    3. Drinking pear cider when it inexplicably became popular for a fortnight.

    4. Bringing a bottle of wine to a dinner party that was given to you by a friend at Christmas.

    5. Consuming cans of pre-mixed drinks on public transport because that's the only acceptable place to drink them.

    6. Getting drunk on alcopops in a friend's garden after getting your GCSE results.

    7. Opting for a Caribbean Twist as a classier alternative to alcopops.

    8. Ordering the second-least-expensive wine at a restaurant, so as not to look cheap.

    9. Drinking gin out of a Mason jar and actually feeling quietly smug.

    10. Drinking 3-litre bottles of Strongbow in the park.

    11. Choosing something cheaper like Crumpty Oaks to drink in the park and living to regret the decision.

    12. Doing a round of shots due to good old-fashioned peer pressure.

    13. Being the one to get others to do a round of shots through good old-fashioned peer pressure.

    14. Spending over £7 on a goddamn cocktail.

    15. Attempting to make your own cocktails at home, with mixed results.

    16. Dangerously underestimating the power of a bottle of Lambrini.

    17. Resorting to getting drunk in the absolute cheapest way possible.

    18. Ordering something like whiskey in an attempt to appear sophisticated.

    19. Getting drunk on pre-drinks and not even making it out of the house.

    20. Drinking a drink you hate just to fit in.

    21. Drinking a cheaper version of a drink you hate and developing an even deeper hate for that drink.

    22. Saying "I'm never going to drink again."

    23. And drinking again that very same night.

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