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    21 British Christmas Traditions That Will Confuse The Hell Out Of The Rest Of The World

    Home of the DEFINITIVE Christmas dinner.

    1. Watching pantomimes featuring questionable celebrity combinations.

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    The Chuckle Brothers AND Chico?!

    2. Enjoying an iconic tin of Quality Street.

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    And getting outraged over the new plastic tubs they come in.

    3. Getting weirdly excited for AN ADVERT.

    John Lewis / Twitter: @aimee_hodnett / BuzzFeed

    4. Experiencing Nativity plays filled with really bizarre roles in order to fit in all the children.

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    Wait, how would Jesus even have a Grandfather?

    5. Either absolutely loving or absolutely hating mince pies.

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    There is no in-between.

    6. Christmas lights being turned on by former X-Factor and Pop Idol contestants.

    7. And taking a drive around your hometown to see all the slightly-crap Christmas decorations.

    Not everything has to be over-the-top and flashy. Looking at you, America.

    8. Fantasy shopping through an Argos catalogue.

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    It's a habit that's leftover from your childhood.

    9. Belting out classic Christmas bangers like “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”.

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    Fucking hype.

    10. Drinking a glass of buck's fizz (that's a mimosa to Americans) first thing on Christmas morning.

    11. And eating Christmas cake at any point during the day.

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    Yeah, it's kind of a crap cake, but it's our crap cake.

    12. The adrenaline rush that comes with pulling a Christmas cracker.

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    If you're lucky you get a mini-screwdriver set.

    13. And enjoying terrible, terrible comedy.

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    If Christmas cracker jokes aren't enough for you there's probably a Mrs. Brown's Boys Christmas special on later. (See also: Pantomimes)

    14. The ~definitive~ Christmas dinner.

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    All other Christmas dinners are false pretenders.

    15. With AT LEAST three different sauces.

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    Usually gravy, bread sauce, and cranberry.

    16. And saving the leftovers so you can eat nothing but turkey sandwiches for the next couple of weeks.

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    17. Having a Christmas pudding, even if everyone in your family hates it.

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    And setting it on fire because Britain is metal as fuck.

    18. And drinking drinks you normally wouldn't, like Baileys.

    19. Watching the Queen's speech for reasons you're not entirely sure of.

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    You’re usually to drunk to fully understand what she’s saying at this point.

    20. Feeling miserable after watching the Eastenders Christmas special.


    Why do we do this to ourselves every year?

    21. And extending the celebration with Boxing Day.

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    Christmas 2.0.