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    16 Bizarre Storylines That Legitimately Happened On "EastEnders"

    *EastEnders drum roll*

    1. When Dot Cotton got arrested after mistaking cannabis for herbal tea and serving it to a policeman.

    2. And when Nick Cotton tried to murder his own mum with a poisoned shepherd's pie.

    3. When a Wham! obsessed Heather stole a yoghurt pot from what she believed to be George Michael's bins.

    4. When Kat Slater confessed her promiscuous past to a nun.

    5. When Ben Mitchell pushed down a kid, stood menacingly over him with a spanner, and uttered an immortal line.

    6. When Barry offended Natalie by gifting her lingerie, so tried making amends by wearing it himself.

    7. And when Janine killed Barry by pushing him down a hill.

    8. When Tamwar set up a website called RudeMasood where he did impersonations of Albert Square residents.

    9. When the whole square was shaken by the news that the bin collections would be changing from weekly to fortnightly.

    10. When Phil Mitchell was going to commit a heist wearing a Jeremy Corbyn mask but decided against the disguise because his mask smelled of fish.

    11. And when Phil Mitchell helped deliver a baby while screaming the entire time:

    12. When a whole episode, which included a live scene, was centered around Billy Mitchell being a torchbearer for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

    13. When Boris Johnson randomly made a cameo for some reason.

    14. When Den was assassinated by a man concealing a gun within a bouquet of flowers…

    15. Only to return from the dead a whole 14 years later.

    16. And finally, when Eastenders got really, really dark with a storyline that saw Tanya bury Max alive.