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    21 Things You'll Only Understand If You Have Large Hands

    Pringle tubes are the enemy.

    1. You've learned to accept small openings as a constant barrier in life.

    Not that you've ever stopped trying to reach those out-of-reach objects.

    2. Especially Pringle tubes.

    Twitter: @katiegracerose

    If you want those last few Pringles, you're going to have to tip the damn things out.

    3. Typos are far too common a problem.

    Mixed with autocorrect it can throw up some pretty interesting conversations.

    4. Because keypads just weren't made for your kind.

    Jamie Jones / BuzzFeed

    5. Or touchscreens in general, which makes clicking the wrong link a daily struggle.

    Instagram stalks are all the more dangerous.

    6. You might even find some computer mouses to be too small for you.

    Twitter: @RIOHAIKAL

    Technology in general just isn't made for people with large hands.

    7. If you're a woman, you've probably been told that you have "manly hands".

    8. And if you're a man, you've probably been asked if you have something else large.

    Vestron Pictures

    Penis. They're asking if you have a big penis.

    9. Then there are the gloves that never comfortably fit.

    10. Especially latex ones, which tear the second you try to stretch them down to your wrist.

    Twitter: @veinte20

    Yes, even XL ones.

    11. And when it's cold out, it's not like you can shelter your hands in your pockets.

    Twitter: @jillmitchell27


    12. You're painfully aware of how your hand swallows up someone else's when you go for a handshake.


    13. And holding hands with an S.O. almost feels kind of comical.

    Focus Features

    14. As do mirror selfies when your hand almost completely covers the phone.

    Twitter: @acdramon

    It's the one time when the size of your hands is super noticeable to others.

    15. You discovered pretty early on that playing instruments can be incredibly difficult.

    Twitter: @Mattbrownsongs

    It's kind of hard to pluck only one string or play only key when your fingers cover several at once.

    16. Even something as simple as bowling can be difficult given how small the finger holes on the balls are.

    Flickr: stevendepolo / Creative Commons

    17. And taking up a hobby such as knitting or sewing is completely out of the question.

    STAX Entertainment

    You're hands aren't delicate enough to thread a needle.

    18. In fact, pretty much all fiddly tasks are out of the question.

    It's a shame, because you feel like you could probably be a really good watchmaker.

    19. It goes without saying that finding rings to fit is no easy task.

    20. People expect you to have a superhuman gift for carrying items.

    Which tbf, you kind of do.

    21. And when most people notice the size of your hands, they want to compare them with their own.

    Twitter: @thespiritupdate

    Which is essentially like giving you a high-five for having large hands, so ¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯.

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