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These 17 Pictures Show How Illustrators Improved Over The Years

Practice makes perfect.

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2. "2012 Vs. 2017"

"I was in a pretty serious car accident about a week after I'd drawn the first picture, so I had to have a lot of surgery and a metal plate put into my drawing arm. Because of this I couldn't draw physically so I had to adapt and develop my skills in Adobe Illustrator and I've come pretty far from where I was back then."

Submitted by jackpeterk


13. "Top left, age 11; top right, age 12; and the bottom two, this year, age 15."

"Art has always been my thing, but I really started to love it from the age of 11. Since then I've been constantly drawing, constantly trying to improve my work. My style has changed a ton over the past four years, but I'm pretty happy with my art at the moment!"

Submitted by jeanoriordan


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