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Want To Hear 16 Facts That Will Leave You Feeling Old?

Please make time stop.

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1. Most of your Beanie Babies are old enough to legally drink.

Getty Images / BuzzFeed

The first batch of Beanie Babies were released in 1993, meaning Garcia the bear is well within his rights to rock up to a dive bar and say "one Cuba Libre, go easy on the coke". A terrifying thought.

3. People who have never known a world without SpongeBob SquarePants are now old enough to drive.

Viacom International / Nickelodeon

SpongeBob first aired on Nickelodeon way back in1999, meaning kids born after its airdate of July 17 are now over the age 17.

4. Back to the Future Part II, The Running Man, and Escape from L.A. all depict futures that have already passed.

Universal Pictures / TriStar Pictures / Paramount Pictures

Back to the Future Part II is set in 2015, The Running Man in 2017, and Escape from L.A. in 2013. Seriously, how much longer do we have to wait for ~real~ hover boards.


5. Sophie Turner has never lived in a world without Pixar movies.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images / Walt Disney Studios / BuzzFeed

She was born in 1996, almost a year after the release of Toy Story.

7. If the characters of The Simpsons actually aged, here's how old they'd be today:

20th Television / BuzzFeed

At the start of the series Homer was 36, Marge: was 34, Bart was 10, Lisa was 8, and Maggie was 1.


9. The launch of MTV happened closer to the end of World War II than to today.

Keystone / Getty Images / MTV

Here's the maths: World War II ended in September 1945 and MTV launched in August 1981, leaving a gap of 34 years and 11 months. The gap between MTVs launch date and today is a whole 35 years and 10 months.



Turns out I'm terrible at maths and the first Grand Theft Auto game was released closer to today than to the release of Space Invaders. An earlier version of this post stated otherwise.