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    16 Awards You Definitely Deserve If You're A Picky Eater

    Anyone who stays calm when two foods touch each other should be given a medal.

    1. When you decide to be a grown-up:

    2. When you completely clear your plate:

    3. When you remain calm in unfamiliar surroundings:

    4. When you break the streak:

    5. When you eat it as it comes:

    6. When you avoid saying that word:

    7. When you don't just a book by its cover:

    8. When you don't let the little things stress you out:

    9. When you decide to join in:

    10. When you manage to keep a straight face:

    11. When you don't perform an autopsy on your lunch:

    12. When you embrace the culture:

    13. When you avoid making excuses:

    14. And finally, when you achieve the impossible: