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    14 Autocorrect Fails That Are Way Funnier Than They Should Be

    Autocorrect is not your friend.

    1. This guy who had his relationship tested:

    When auto correct hates you and your relationship

    2. This texter who didn't mean to be so vicious:

    3. This sister who really messed up:

    I accidentally sent this to my little sisters first grade teacher but I meant sick omg

    4. This person whose message was made very NSFW:

    5. This dad who failed at his first attempt:

    Strong start to my Dad's whatsapp career.

    6. And this mum whose phone made an unfortunate correction:

    7. This person who had an unexpected appointment:

    8. This person who pranked her co-worker:

    9. This guy who changed the autocorrect settings:

    lol, I changed "no" on my mom and dads phones

    10. And this person who went one step further:

    i changed the shortcut on Caroline's phone so whenever she types hey it changes to the Gettysburg address

    11. Seriously, people love autocorrect pranks:

    12. This guy whose threat fell flat:

    13. This grandma who at least tried:

    14. And this person whose mistake resulted in an unfortunate mix up:

    My mum ordered a cake for my sisters bd n asked for a blond girl on top but it autocorrected to blind n we got this