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Arnold Schwarzenegger Gave The Perfect Response To A Fan Opposed To Marriage Equality

Never mess with a Terminator.

In support of the Supreme Court's ruling that states can no longer ban same-sex marriage, Arnold Schwarzenegger changed his Facebook profile picture.

Facebook: arnold /

He kept his old image, a promotional photo for the upcoming movie Terminator Genisys, but overlaid the pic with pride colours.

The action hero, former California Governor, and all-round badass has become a supporter of same-sex marriage in recent years.

In an interview with USA Today following the historic ruling, Schwarzenegger said: "Everyone can enjoy the joy of getting married, connecting and being together. It's very simple, you cannot deny someone their own right."

For some fans, Friday's show of support came as a shock.

However Arnold had the perfect response for all the haters.

Life tip: Never mess with a Terminator.

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