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Dec 18, 2017

Answer These 12 Yes Or No Questions And We'll Reveal If You're Actually Sweary

Do you need to wash your mouth out with soap?

  1. Have you said a swear word in the last 24 hours?

  2. Have you ever been told by a stranger to "watch your language"?

  3. Do you feel completely comfortable swearing around friends?

  4. Have you ever sworn in front of your boss?

  5. If you spill your drink over yourself, do you react by swearing?

  6. If you had to go a week without swearing, could you?

  7. Do you ever make up your own swear words?

  8. Would your friends describe you as sweary?

  9. Does hearing someone who doesn't normally swear say a curse word fill you with joy?

  10. Have you ever apologised to someone in advance about your swearing?

  11. Do you care about what others think about your swearing?

  12. Did you swear while taking this quiz?

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