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    If These 18 Wholesome Animal Friendships Don't Melt Your Heart, You Probably Don't Have One

    So wholesome.

    1. This pup who made a new friend on his first day of school.

    So my wee pup is at doggy day care and he made a new friend. I actually want to DIE

    2. This holy trio of international friendship.

    3. These dogs helping each other out to secure more snacks.

    4. This gang of nose boopers. *boop*


    5. This puppy party that I seriously need an invite to.

    6. These geese who helpfully guided a hedgehog across a busy road.

    It's all too easy for hedgehogs to come a cropper on the roads. Luckily, this one has some helpful goose friends to…

    7. This canine who helped her cheetah friend grow up to be a strong, confident wildcat.

    Just learned that Cheetahs are really nervous animals, and some zoos give them "support dogs" to relax

    8. This gang of dogs – and even one cat – enjoying some birthday celebrations.

    9. This gang of highly trained gardeners.

    10. This friendly cat who comforted her friend during a stressful time.

    My dog was terrified of the fireworks so my cat went and cuddled up with her my heart is crying still

    11. This dog who refused to outgrow a habit.

    12. These puppies planning the perfect escape.

    13. These extra-cuddly friends.

    14. And this cuddly duo who don't want to be outdone.

    15. This dog protecting his newfound friend.

    my mom adopted a new kitten and my dog is in love with her and is protecting her

    16. This little boy band who would sell out arenas based on their cuteness alone.

    17. This elated dog mingling with some affectionate cows.

    18. And this story with a happy ending.