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    17 Amazing Welsh Foods The World Is Missing Out On

    What's life without Welsh cakes?

    1. Welsh cakes

    2. Cawl

    3. Caerphilly cheese

    4. Tatws pum munud

    5. Laverbread

    6. Oggie

    Flickr: aburt / Creative Commons

    The Welsh version of a Cornish pasty. And what does a Welsh pasty contain? Lamb and leeks, of course. Get the recipe here.

    7. Welsh lamb

    8. Rissoles

    9. Leek soup

    10. Welsh rarebit

    11. Bara brith

    12. Welsh onion cake

    13. Crempog

    14. Cockles

    Flickr: smudie / Creative Commons

    The perfect seaside snack, especially if the seaside happens to be along the Gower coast.

    15. Traditional Welsh breakfast

    16. Faggots

    Flickr: lamerie / Creative Commons

    A prime example of something that tastes nice that definitely shouldn't. Composed of pig's heart, liver, and other undesirable parts minced together. Yeah, try and forget that part. Get the recipe here.

    17. Glamorgan sausages

    Flickr: rmh40 / Creative Commons

    Great news for vegetarians: These "sausages" contain no meat! Instead, these breadcrumb-covered treats are filled with tasty cheese. Get the recipe here.

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