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    27 Ingenious Ways Google Could Improve Their New Logo Design

    Here's what could have been.

    On Tuesday, Google shook civilisation to its core by unveiling a new logo.

    Shockingly, not everyone welcomed the change.

    the new google logo looks like a fake search engine from a tv show

    The new Google logo is hurting my eyes. I can't breathe.

    the new google logo looks like shit and i hate it

    So here are some alternative designs:

    1. The Game of Thrones font

    2. The Sega font

    3. The Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory font

    4. The Pokémon font

    5. The Chronicles of Narnia font

    6. The Disney font

    7. The Pac-Man font

    8. The Star Wars font

    9. The Conan the Barbarian font

    10. The Godfather font

    11. The Batman Forever font

    12. The Jurassic Park font

    13. The Friends font

    14. The Lord of the Rings font

    15. The Minecraft font

    16. The Avengers font

    17. The Harry Potter font

    18. The Coca-Cola font

    19. The Pepsi font

    20. The Lion King font

    21. The One Direction font

    22. The Angry Birds font

    23. The Alice in Wonderland font

    24. The American Horror Story font

    25. The Super Mario font

    26. The Blade Runner font

    27. Comic Sans