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16 Customer Complaints Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

"Am no a grass."

1. When a customer got confused by a pizza.

2. When a dog owner tweeted Tesco with his canine problems.

3. When a man got trapped in a bookstore.

4. When a Lush customer turned pink.

5. When Argos tried to speak in slang.

6. And when Virgin trains ran out of shits to give.

7. When a Twitter user had better pun ideas for Pringles.

8. When a shopper claimed to have seen a snake.

9. When Hulk Hogan got replaced.

10. When Haraam was no one's snitch.

11. When Xbox had no answers.

12. When a train company got called out on an inspirational quote.

13. When this poor customer received one of the worst haircuts of all time.

14. When Michael got robbed at a music venue.

15. When Linda needed to see an optician.

16. And finally, when Joe thanked Taco Bell.