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    A Reminder That Mr Blobby Was Fucking Terrifying

    The '90s were a creepier time.

    Anyone who grew up watching British TV in the '90s probably knows this guy: Mr Blobby.

    All Action / EMPICS Entertainment

    You may remember him from Noel's House Party, where he'd playfully assault a pre-Deal or No Deal Noel Edmonds.


    But there's a good chance you might remember him from somewhere else: YOUR NIGHTMARES.

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    Because seriously, Mr Blobby was goddamn terrifying.

    BBC / BuzzFeed

    And I'm clearly not the only one who thinks so.


    No one needs Mr Blobby in their lives. Oh my fucking god the creepy bastard.

    It's over two decades since I was first traumatised by the creature and I still have so many questions.

    Stefan Rousseau / PA Images / BuzzFeed

    Like what the hell was he? The closest thing I can find in nature is a blobfish.

    Flickr: 98701585@N02 / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

    What thoughts and motivations hid lurking behind those cold, dead eyes?

    AAD / EMPICS Entertainment / PA Images

    Who decided to give this evil hellspawn teeth capable of devouring children???

    Stefan Rousseau / PA Images

    And oh God, the voice. Do you remember the voice?!?!

    Mr Blobby's voice sounds like the screaming, tortured souls of all the children he's swallowed.

    Just as creepy were the dozens of cheap, shoddy fancy dress costumes that the character spawned.

    Steve Morton / Niall Carson / PA Images

    "I saw the face of God and it was weeping."

    Steve Morton / PA Images

    These are worthy of a post of their own.

    Ellie 😞

    How is he still relevant enough to haunt today's youth?

    I met Mr Blobby today.. it's actually nuts the more and more I think about it. #TheLastLeg #YOUTH2017

    This is what greets you at the gates of Hell.

    Sean Dempsey / PA Images / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    But if it helps you sleep any better here's a photo of the actual guy under the costume, Barry Killerby.


    When he's not terrifying children he's an actor who's starred in shows like ChuckleVision.

    A message from everyone who grew up in the '90s: Fuck you Mr Blobby. Fuck you.


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