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    19 Completely Underwhelming Real-Life Celebrity Encounters

    "My dad peed next to Tom Hanks…"

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about some of their most underwhelming celebrity encounters. Here are some of the best responses!

    1. "While grocery shopping I met the woman who posed for the hands on the cover of the Twilight book. She carried apples around in her purse to take pictures with people."

    Submitted by jinnib


    3. "I saw Johnny Depp in the Waitrose in Bath years ago. I think it was him, or I just stalked a random while clutching oranges and milk in a desperate attempt to look casual."

    Submitted by Sophie Saint, Facebook

    4. "I went to a barbecue at my friend's house and the doctor from The Santa Clause was there."

    Submitted by lizzyw4961ae5c5


    6. "I saw the Dalai Lama at a corner shop in Helsinki once. I thought it was just some random bald guy in an orange robe until I saw him on the news that night."

    Submitted by Irinja Vähäkangas, Facebook

    7. "I was in line behind Nelly and Ashanti at a sandwich shop in St. Louis. He ordered multiple ham and cheese sandwiches."

    Submitted by brittanyc4d8c77a86


    9. "I saw Denzel Washington's hat on my second trip to NY. There was this big sign that said 'Denzel Washington' on the other side of the street, and there was a bunch of people and paparazzi outside. My sister and I walked passed it at the exact moment he was getting in his car and I saw his white hat."

    Submitted by Kawanna Peña Cepeda, Facebook

    10. "I met Tuna, the dog from Instagram, a year ago and I'm still starstruck."

    Submitted by michelap


    12. "I was working in the bread department of a high end grocery store in Manhattan and Jake Gyllenhaal asked me the differences between the American and European style sourdoughs. He went with the European."

    Submitted by maddymrea

    13. "Warren Buffett hit my mom in the face with a door once."

    Submitted by jinnib


    15. "I met James Van Der Beek in 1998 when he was looking for a tie for a premiere. He was at the Meriden, CT mall, where I worked at the time. I said, 'Hey, you look like Dawson.' He said, 'I am Dawson.'"

    Submitted by Jaime Ann, Facebook

    16. "My mom was at the airport and saw a guy who looked really familiar. She met the guy who plays Troy Bolton's dad in High School Musical."

    Submitted by stephaniec4cf6ee141


    18. "I served Helen Baxendale (aka Ross's English girlfriend from Friends) in a bakery once. I couldn't figure out where I knew her from, so a colleague had to tell me."

    Submitted by George Milan Chamberlain, Facebook

    19. "I was at a conference in LA, staying at a hotel by the airport. A black windowless van pulls up and Steven Tyler gets out of the back with two itty bitty dogs. The dogs take a giant shit next to the bench where I was sitting, then they all piled back in the van and left."

    Submitted by Katy Lynn Patterson, Facebook

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.