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The Difference Between A Million Pound Property In London And Yorkshire

Let's all move up north.

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1. You could buy this semi-detached house in Brixton…

Price: £1,000,000

Bedrooms: Three

• The exterior looks like a Blackpool B&B.

• Three bedrooms make it a perfect property for musical trios likes Busted, the Sugababes, and Destiny's Child up until Beyoncé left.


3. You could buy this house in Leyton for a cool million…

Price: £1,000,000

Bedrooms: Six

• Six bedrooms is a lot for a London property.

• High ceilings make it perfect for posh guests wearing super tall top hats.


…for £50 less you could live within 30 minutes of both Leeds and Manchester.

Price: £999,950

Bedrooms: Five

• The place looks so nice that there's no need to make up any outlandish claims about it.

• I think this is Wayne Manor, so that means that Batman grew up here.

4. Would you like this flat in Camden…

Price: £979,000

Bedrooms: Two

• It's right next to a canal, so it's great for boat spotters.

• There's two bathrooms, giving this property an impressive 1:1 bathroom-to-bedroom ratio.

…this massive house in Keighley?

Price: £975,000

Bedrooms: Nine

• The interior looks perfect for reenacting the plot to an Agatha Christie novel.

• Living here would be like living in Downton Abbey, but less crap because you could probably get WiFi.

5. You could buy this semi-detached house in Balham…

Price: £989,950

Bedrooms: Four

• You can offer visitors an authentic '70s experience by allowing them to stare at your wallpaper.

• With both a front and back garden imagine all the veg you could grow.


6. How would you feel about living in this West Hampstead flat

Price: £1,100,000

Bedrooms: Three

• You get to be smug about having a balcony when most of your neighbour don't.

• It's on the first floor, so if your lift breaks down you don't have to get too exhausted.

…you could live in this Sheffield property for the same price.

Price: £1,100,000

Bedrooms: Four

• There's a fountain the driveway, just like P. Diddy has.

• Check out that shower. Looks like you could launch yourself into space in it.


9. You could purchase this building in Fulham…

Price: £1,200,000

Bedrooms: Four

• Super-modern spotlights in the ceiling give you the feeling of being in a fancy club.

• The road, De Morgan road, is named after the British mathematician Augustus De Morgan. Pretty smart, aye?

this one in Sheffield.

Price: £1,200,000

Bedrooms: Five

• The estate agent's website contains over 60+ images of this property, so it's certainly not camera shy.

• 2.5 acres of ground is enough for you to succeed from the United Kingdom and declare yourself a sovereign state.

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