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18 Hilarious Tweets About What Life Will Be Like Under President Trump

Let's laugh while we still can.

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2016: Trump won't win. 2017: President Trump can't do that, can he? 2018: You watching The Hunger Games tonight? I hope my District wins.


if trump is elected president, im moving to a different country!!! lol!!! jk i have like $18 dollars


Inauguration Day, 2017. Donald Trump takes the Presidential Oath of Office with his left hand on a copy of 'TRUMP: The Art of The Deal'.


White House 2018: [President Trump enters the Oval Office] President Trump: Has anyone seen the movie The Purge? Aide: Oh dear God


President Trump takes the podium. He names every single state that didn't vote for him. He looks straight into the camera. "You're fired"


President Trump unveils the new Statue of Liberty. “She looked like dogshit before.” Her mink coat lights up. “And look at those cans.”


If Donald Trump becomes president, in addition to a secretary of defence, he'll need a secretary of dewall


2016: No way will Trump win the election 2017: No way will President Trump fire all those nukes 2018: No way we're doing what those Apes say


President Trump: This is prime real estate. We have to develop it. Advisor: Sir, that's the White House lawn Trump: *builds luxury condos*


[2019 USA] "Where are you from?" -Trumpsylvania, how about you? "North Trumpkota"


LIFE UNDER PRESIDENT TRUMP: *a dirty infant crawls around inside a burnt out helicopter*


Trump can turn this country back into what it once was: an isolated island of paranoia where they hang people for witchcraft.

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