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    The Average Day Of A Kid In The '90s

    There's only one real way to drink a Kwenchy Kup.

    7am: You wake up, turn on TV to watch The Big Breakfast, and feel like an adult.

    7.30am: You quickly munch down a bowl of Ricicles with a good serving of sugar.

    Maybe today's the day you get to the toy.

    7.45am: Better hurry up and start getting ready by putting on the latest Now album.

    Virgin / EMI

    8.30am: Don't forget to feed your Tamagotchi before slinging your bag over one shoulder and heading off to school.

    9.05am: The school day starts off with an assembly, which if you're old enough means feeling like a king and sitting on the benches.

    9.20am: After assembly you pretty much spend most of the first lesson writing out the date as slow as possible to waste time.

    10.20am: Breaktime! Which means it's time to head to the tuck shop and chill with a Kwenchy Kup.

    Or maybe a Panda Pop is your drink of choice.

    10.35am: Next up is maths, where you pull off this trick, making you the next Lenny Henry.

    You also pass time during your science lesson by predicting the future with 100% accuracy.

    12.10pm: Lunch! You eat as fast as possible so you can make the most of lunchbreak.

    As soon as you get out of the canteen, you head to the yard, where you secretly trade Pokémon cards like you're dealing drugs.

    1.10pm: Next up it's time to hit the computers, where you have the chance to show off your technological wizardry with your WordArt skills.

    Then the most amazing thing in the entire universe happens: The teacher wheels out the TV.

    3pm: Time to play "Three Blind Mice" on the recorder for some unknown reason.

    3.30pm: HOME TIME! You put your chair on the desk and head on home.

    4.00pm: Where you find some Iced Gems and maybe even a KP Choc Dip waiting for you.

    4pm: You turn on the TV to catch Art Attack and wonder why you never have any pipe cleaners or an unlimited supply of PVA.

    4.30pm: You quickly switch over to the BBC and catch Get Your Own Back.

    Some time before or after dinner, you spend a good amount of time trying to teach your Furby to swear.

    7pm: Maybe you decide to hit up a bit of Super Mario on the SNES after dinner.

    Or catch up on all the latest gossip via Smash Hits magazine.

    9pm: After a long and exhausting day, it's time to get into bed and close your eyes.

    9.10pm: After waiting 10 minutes, so you're sure that no one's around, you pull out your Game Boy and attempt to play it in the dark.

    A previous version of this piece misspelt the name of the Pokémon species Charizard. Apologies to all Pokémon purists.