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    27 People Who Just Lost Their Facebook Privileges

    Step away from the computer and think about what you've done.

    1. This criminal mastermind.

    2. This complicated couple.

    3. This woman who doesn't think much of her husband.

    4. This person who never looks back.

    5. This wine connoisseur.

    6. This homeschool teacher.

    7. This confused uncle/aunt.

    8. This person who is definitely not a taxi driver.

    9. This mother of the year candidate.

    10. This time lord.

    11. This fan of the woodwind section.

    12. This poet.

    13. This secret Simon.

    14. This angry and confused consumer.

    15. This excellent salesman.

    16. This Shakespeare mega-fan.

    17. This twin craver.

    18. This fan of fine dining.

    19. This astronomer.

    20. This counter of time.

    21. This modern philosopher.

    22. This owner of a semi-aquatic vehicle.

    23. This Coolio fan.

    24. This loving grandmother.

    25. This case in point.

    26. This knowlegable, law-abiding citizen.

    27. And this hope for the future.

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