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24 Pictures So Strangely Satisfying You'll Hate Them

You don't know true pleasure until you've seen a perfectly peeled lemon. Via r/oddlysatisfying

1. These super-smooth pancakes.

2. These beautiful symmetrical gas pipes.

3. This perfectly aligned shadow.

4. And this one.

5. These camouflaged shoes.

6. This perfect apple.

7. This pleasingly empty pen.

8. This beautiful display of apples and oranges.

9. These neatly arranged cables.

10. These gummy bears, separated by colour.

11. This symmetrical connection of roads.

12. This impossibly smooth bun.

13. This undisturbed drink display.

14. This lovely spiral lawn.

15. This perfect union between can and glass.

16. These neatly piled-up Tic Tacs.

17. This flawless meeting between water and drain.

18. This cleverly arranged T-shirt display.

19. This gorgeous peeled lemon.

20. These snuggly fitting pills.

21. This ramp seamlessly incorporated into these stairs.

22. This colourful row of peppers.

23. This triangle of cereal.

24. And these attractively arranged crayons.