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24 Very Important Skills All British People Have Mastered

What other country can judge the amount of water in a kettle by weight alone?

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1. Coming up with a thousand different ways of simply saying "thank you".

Mad when someone holds like 3 doors in a row for ya n you've gotta change up your way of thanking them each time. "Thanks, cheers, nice one"

2. Judging the exact amount of water to put in the kettle by weight alone.

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3. Hoarding a million plastic bags in the hope that you'll one day remember to bring one shopping with you.

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4. The ability to create the perfect pun.

someone at the British Library is doing fine work

Which especially seems to be the case when it comes to small business owners.

5. Making a little apology noise when you bump into someone.

How funny is that 'oop' noise u make when u walk into someone

6. And just over-apologising in general.

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7. Avoiding looking at an approaching bus in order to let the driver know that you're waiting for the next one.

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8. Concealing alcohol or other contraband and sneaking it into venues.

9. And stealing alcohol as a teenager.

mum offered me a bottle of vodka they've had for ages nd had to say no cus i know it's 70% water from me stealing it when i was 16

10. Handling the responsibility that comes with being the one to have to push the "open door" button on a train.

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11. Turning pre-drinks into as big of a deal as the night out itself.

I'd like to thank whoever invented starters & pre drinking, eating before eating and drinking before drinking is absolute genius

12. Always remembering when someone skipped their round, and reminding them in the subtlest way possible.

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13. And being masters of passive-aggressiveness.

14. Saying "right" before standing up.

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15. And loudly announcing when a classic tune starts playing.

"British people don't have any culture" Mate who do you think invented shouting "OIIIII FUCK OFFFFF" when an absolute banger comes on?

16. Keeping a drawer designated to storing takeout leaflets, old mobile phone chargers, and string for some reason.

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17. Binge-watching 10 episodes of Come Dine With Me in a single afternoon.

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18. Commuting with thousands of people without looking a single one of them in the eye.

19. Making small talk about the weather while feeling ashamed for becoming a cliche.

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20. And somehow being able to make the most of the shit weather.

21. Pretending to look at the food next to what you actually want when there's someone standing in the way.

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22. Making over-exaggerated statements.

23. Cheering in a restaurant when someone drops a plate or a glass.

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24. And finally, fully admitting when we've been a bit of a dick.