21 Very Real Struggles Of Having Long Limbs

    It's not all lifting cats out of trees.

    1. Shirt sleeves are always too damn short.

    2. And you can forget about finding a jacket that fits.

    my arms are too long for this jacket like is this a joke

    3. Oh, and trousers, too.

    A builder just shouted @ me sayin my trousers r too short :/ the struggle is real people

    4. You're used to always getting asked to reach things.

    5. And to take the damn group selfies.

    6. Even if your solo selfies aren't up to par.

    7. People just expect you to be good at certain things.

    8. Except for dancing.

    9. You can forget about using your arms or legs as a measurement.

    What it feels like when school says finger tip length and you have long arms

    10. You're always self-conscious that your arms are dangling awkwardly.

    11. Plus the nicknames. Those damn uncreative nicknames.

    12. You can't even hide away from it all in the bathroom.

    13. Bathtubs are no longer relaxing.

    Perfect example of me trying to take a bath when I'm too tall for the tub.

    14. Then there's the tables. Always accidentally kicking people under tables.

    15. Flying is just a goddamn nightmare.

    16. Hell, sitting comfortably on any form of public transport becomes a very real struggle.

    17. And it's not as if driving is a great alternative.

    18. Even walking has its struggles when you're always faster than your friends.

    19. You've learnt to accept that you're going to overhang the bed a little.


    20. And all the general awkwardness that comes with having long limbs.

    21. But hey, it's not all bad.