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Sure, 2016 Is Trash, But At Least You're None Of These People

A reminder that things could be worse.

1. You know better than to eat spaghetti while driving.

2. The chances are that you've never been crushed by an acrobatic mascot.

3. At least you know your peppers.

4. And you probably have a pretty decent knowledge of paper sizes.

5. You've never fucked up like this.

6. And you've never been tricked into bringing cooking utensils to a tennis game.

7. You're not named Orrtam.

8. You've never dressed like the interior of public transport.

9. Or had this kind of reaction to an insect.

10. You've never made this big an email error.

11. You know when something just isn't going to fit.

12. You're not the editor who approved this.

13. You know better than to let your food float freely.

14. You're not responsible for this social faux pas.

15. And your tattooist didn't copy the work of another artist and end up inking a nipple onto your bicep.

16. You didn't experience this tragedy firsthand.

17. It's unlikely you've ever been given a more underwhelming job.

18. You have your doodling under control.

19. And you've never fallen asleep in the sun while eating cereal.

20. You don't enjoy the smell of incest.

21. You make sure to look closely at clothes before buying them.

22. And you're not this person, who mistook a bottle of hair removal cream for shampoo.