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    19 Drivers Who Pimped Their Car Way, Way Too Hard

    Warning: Contains spoilers… lot's of godawful spoilers. H/T r/Shitty_car_mods

    1. The owner of this vehicle, who took the term pimping a little too literally.

    2. Whoever modified this exhaust.

    3. This earth-friendly driver who's growing a garden on their car.

    4. The creator of this PT Camper.

    5. This person who really likes their fruit.

    6. The owner of this sad looking Transformer.

    7. The artistic genius behind this A+ paint job.

    8. And the one who decided to spray paint their engine.

    9. This petrolhead who gave their car a little stretch.

    10. The presumably tiny owner of what's left of this car.

    11. This guy who just thought "fuck it".

    12. The person responsible for cutting this L-shape.

    13. And the owner of this car who's sacrificed looks for speed.

    14. The owner of this vehicle that looks like it belongs on Wacky Races.

    15. "Who you gonna call?" Literally anyone but these guys.

    16. This man who's all about the rim length.

    17. And this one who's all about width.

    18. The mind behind this automobile that has more pipes than a church organ.

    19. And worst of all, this autohead who had a number plate printed in comic sans.

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