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    18 Things Twins Are Really Damn Tired Of Hearing

    Seriously, we don't have any superpowers.

    1. "Can you read each other's thoughts?"

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    2. "Did your parents dress you up the same?"


    Not every day is a costume party. Unfortunately.

    3. "Which one's the oldest?"


    Why is this so damn important?!

    4. "What was it like sharing a womb?"


    A time we all remember and never forget, right?

    5. "Which one of you is the evil one?"

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    Why does one of us always have to be evil? Hell, maybe we both are.

    6. “Who’s the [insert adjective] one?”

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    Again, why can only one of us have a certain skill, personality, or talent?

    7. "But you don't look alike."


    We're not all identical twins, you know.

    8. "Are you sure you're actually twins?"


    *blank stare*

    9. "Which one of you wasn't planned?"


    What in life is truly planned? Aren't we all just wandering down a random path of existence?

    10. "Do twins run in your family?"

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    We're here, so I guess so...

    11. "Do you do everything together?"

    20th Century Fox Television / Via

    Nope, you're probably thinking of conjoined twins.

    12. "Do you share the same dreams?"

    Nope, now you're thinking of Freddy Krueger.

    13. "Which one is the favourite?"


    Why does this only apply to twins? Who's the favourite in your family?

    14. "Do you have the same personality?"

    Lions Gate Films / Via

    Nope again. We're separate people, remember?

    15. "What's it like to be a twin?"

    Do you ever wonder what it's like to be a twin? Cause I always wonder what it's like to be a normal person

    16. "Do you have a secret handshake?"

    Hanna-Barbera / Via

    We're not the damn Wonder Twins.

    17. "If one of you gets hurt, does the other feel it?"

    18. "I wish I were a twin."


    Damn right you do.

    And hey, at least questions like these are uncommon.


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