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17 Photos Of Art That Will Make You Say "There's No Way That Was An Accident"

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents” – Bob Ross. H/T r/mildlyinteresting.

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1. When this incident led to the birth of a modern masterpiece.

A can of expanding foam went off on the shed and I'm now 6/4 on winning this year's Turner Prize.

2. When this photo of a cat through a frosted window ended up looking like a painting.

3. When this accident created a classic.

4. When something bumped against this wall and left behind a painting of a snowy town.

5. And when the bottom of this coffee cup left behind a beautiful painting of a forest.

6. When the algae on the back of this boat resembled a painting.

7. When this baby's head looked like a Van Gogh painting.

8. And when this dog's face also kind of looked like a Van Gogh painting.

9. When this person emptied their acrylics into the sink.

10. When the view from this window looked like a gallery exhibit.

11. When this guy's hair looked like little sculptures.

Am I high af or does his hair look like people dancing ?

12. When this stepping stone looked like a painting of some misty mountains.

13. When this car was too beautiful to wash.

14. When a rock hit a windshield and left behind this bird-shaped mark.

15. When the mould underneath this table looked like it was created by Seurat.

16. When the milk poured into this coffee created a silhouette of Snoopy on a dog house under the moon.

17. And when this cracked glass on a fireplace could have been mistaken for a painting of a thunderstorm.