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    16 Public Transport Systems That Are Living In The Future

    The future is now.

    1. This carriage on a Swiss train that was built especially for children.

    2. This bench with a built-in USB port that allows you to charge your phone while waiting for the train.

    3. And this bus stop in Paris that comes with a cleverly hidden USB port.

    4. This light-up map that shows you exactly where your train is heading.

    5. This Australian tram with a surfboard rack on it.

    6. And this double-decker train which also hails from Australia.

    7. This life display that allows you to see which toilets are vacant.

    8. And the doors on the toilets at this Swedish train station, which light up green when the restroom is unoccupied.

    9. This live display screen that allows passengers to see how full each train carriage is.

    10. These train seats in Japan designed with a pattern to help identify them as priority seating.

    11. And this train seat in Helsinki with a helpful map design.

    12. These exercise bikes in a Paris train station that allow you to charge your devices by peddling.

    13. This bus with an onboard library.

    14. And this subway that also comes with an impressive book display.

    15. This train ticket that's been punched with a lil' train-shaped hole.

    16. And finally, this train table with embedded board games.

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting.