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Don't Bother Reading These Hilarious Tweets Unless You Gained The "Freshman 15"

It's very, very real...

1. There's always the moment of realization:

never realized how serious the freshman fifteen was until I was eating my ice cream while making my bowl of pasta

2. And it typically hits us fast:

When you wonder how the freshman 15 happened...

3. We become experts at making up excuses:

Freshman year, I was in denial that I was a victim of the freshman fifteen so I just kept telling myself that my face was still swollen from getting my wisdom teeth removed 10 months ago

4. Of course, it doesn't ALWAYS hit the first year:

What do you call freshman 15 when you get it in third year?

5. Sometimes it comes barreling towards us at the very end:

i was all proud of myself for not gaining the freshman fifteen... little did i know the senior sixty was right around the corner

6. And with a little help from T-Bell:

Everyone tells you about the “freshman 15” but what about the “going to the bar followed by Taco Bell more days a week than you probably should senior 15”?

7. Or caused by the curse of distance:

You've heard a lot of discussion about the freshman fifteen but let me tell you a little story about the study-abroad-sixty

8. Contrary to popular belief, it's not always about weight:

Everyone talks about the freshman 15, but no one talks about the freshman 14. 14 cavities. My brother came home from college with 14 cavities.

9. It could be skin:

no one warns u about the freshman fifteen-gazillion pimples u get in the first month HAHAHA it's fine

10. Or literal years:

"Freshman 15" doesn't mean you'll gain 15 pounds your first year of college it means starting freshman year 15 years will be removed from your lifespan

11. There are some hacks to avoid it, of course:

Removing my appendix was actually part of my plan to avoid the freshman 15

12. The most logical being:

freshman 15 can’t happen to me if I don’t end up going to college 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️

13. Many of us know it's not always limited to 15:

Freshman 15 turned into freshman 50 real fast

14. It's just simple math:

With the freshman 15 and sorority forty, Ive gained the I have no drive 55

15. Sometimes we go home to an unsupportive family:

*grandma looks at me* Grandma: “freshman 20” Me: “actually it’s freshman 15” Grandma: *looks at me again* “ehhh 15-20” Like okay Judy you’ve been drinking and smoking everyday for 55 years but I don’t call you out on it

16. Classic Mom:

*Cousin is talking about Freshman 15* Mom: "Susan knows about that!" Thanks Mom 🙄

17. Even Dad is in on it:

Me: I'm going to get a milkshake Dad: Getting a head start? Me: On what? Dad: The freshman fifteen

18. But really, we know it's THEIR fault for giving us a home cooked meal:

I'm no longer concerned about the freshman fifteen or the thanksgiving thirty, the christmas cajillion is the only obstacle that stands before me

19. There are some good conspiracy theories out there:

The freshman 15 is a myth, the dryer is just shrinking everyone’s clothes

20. And some frustrating encounters:

On my tour today a kid legit thought that I was 25 then deadass asked if I gained the freshman 15 during my first year and was surprised when I said no, so that's how my day is going.

21. Especially with those who are somehow immune:

Girl beside me, “Freshman 15 is such a myth it didn’t happen to me!!” Me,

22. Sometimes it's not as bad as we think:

Every girl in college: *eats a single tortilla chip* "freshman fifteen!!! LMAO!!!"

23. On rare occasions, it also impacts collegiate kitties:

Y’all the freshman 15 hit my muffin so hard what even happened

24. But it's good to put things in perspective:

As long as your freshman fifteen isn't a fetus, you winnin'.

25. We eventually learn that we'll be happier if we just embrace it:

If I gotta gain freshman fifteen ima make it look sexy 🍟🍔

26. And love our adult selves for living life to the fullest:

Is the freshman 15 real? Yeah, it is. I gained 15 pounds of SELF ACCEPTANCE, SELF LOVE, COMFORT IN MY IDENTITY, AND AN addiction to strawberry refreshers which are like 200 cal