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Who Is The Most Tragic Character In TV History?

Warning: some spoilers ahead.

We all have those TV characters whose tragic deaths upset us to our core...

...but what about the ones who keep on surviving, and can't catch a break?

Maybe the journey of Jesse Pinkman still cuts you deep.

Or, on a lighter note, maybe you think Ross Geller's inability to hold down a marriage is its own type of tragedy.

Perhaps you feel for a character who DOES die, but only after they were put through countless seasons of pure hell.

Do you still cry at night, thinking about Wesley and Fred's tragic journey on Angel?

Maybe you grimace in pain every time Toby is treated like human garbage on The Office.

In the comments below, tell us who you believe to be the most tragic character in television history and why for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!