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    33 Times "Parks And Rec" Proved Friendship Is Real

    "This tear, caused by the overwhelming thoughtfulness of my friends, will be my baby's first memory."

    1. When Ben shared his bachelor party.

    2. When Leslie made this drastic move to prevent Mark from making a huge mistake.

    3. When Leslie tried to keep Tammy II away.

    4. When Ann showed up to her interview with Leslie.

    5. When Tom and Donna invited Ben to treat himself.

    6. When Leslie used her favor to bail Ron out of jail.

    7. When Donna gave Ann dating advice.

    8. When April helped Ron hide his Duke Silver identity.

    9. When Leslie threw Ron the perfect birthday.

    10. And pretty much every gift she ever gave.

    11. When Andy gave Tom the money to invest in the Snakehole Lounge.

    12. When April gave Chris the movie tickets.

    13. When Ron offered to pay for Andy's college.

    14. When Leslie got drunk in order to save Ron from the Tammys.

    15. When Leslie started the Swanson club.

    16. When Ben defended Larry.

    17. When April set up Tom and Ann.

    18. When Leslie took everyone to a strip club to make Tom feel better.

    19. When Ben left the accountants Cones of Dunshire...

    20. ...and they patented it for him.

    21. When April sang "Time After Time" with Ann.

    22. When Donna gave April $200 just so she could get drunk and make fun of people.

    23. April and Ann's goodbye.

    24. When Ron tried to warn Leslie.

    25. When the guys gave Chris a buddy box.

    26. When everyone offered to help Ben and Leslie with the triplets.

    27. When Tom read Ben his speech.

    28. When Chris tried to cheer up April.

    29. When everyone made Leslie a gingerbread house.

    30. When a feuding Ron and Leslie teamed up to help Jamm...

    31. ...and the moment they made up.

    32. When Andy left a message on Ron's behalf.

    33. And, of course, all of the times Leslie complimented Ann.