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    15 Reasons We Still Love "Labyrinth" Today

    "You have no power over me!"

    1. Jim Henson

    John Gooch / Via Getty Images

    You truly cannot go wrong with any film directed by Jim Henson. He will only ever leave you with a wonderful, magical feeling.

    2. Jennifer Connelly

    TriStar Pictures / Via

    Long before she was winning Oscars and living life as Mrs. Paul Bettany, Jennifer was proving her acting chops at only 16. Her portrayal of Sarah carries the whole dang movie. (Drink every time she says "It's not fair!")

    3. David Bowie

    TriStar Pictures / Via

    Bowie nailed it as Jareth, the Goblin King. He was scary and cool and beyond sexy. I dare you to name another singing, dancing, smirking, tight-pants-wearing villain!

    4. The costumes

    TriStar Pictures / Via, TriStar Pictures / Via

    The pictures say it all.

    5. The music

    TriStar Pictures / Via

    All of the songs were written and performed by David Bowie, which means they're absolutely perfect. It all feels so genuinely '80s.

    6. Hoggle

    TriStar Pictures / Via

    He's such a complex character! And in retrospect, Sarah accidentally calling him "Hogwart" is pretty hilarious.

    Fun fact: he was played by a woman, Shari Weiser, and voiced by Jim Henson's son, Brian.

    7. Practical effects

    TriStar Pictures / Via

    Labyrinth could never be made today. With the exception of Sarah and Jareth, every single character would be CGI and the magic would be gone. The time and effort put into this film by Jim Henson & Co. is unlike anything you'd ever see now.

    8. The creepy factor

    TriStar Pictures / Via

    Whether it scarred you for life or helped you embrace the darker side of family cinema, Labyrinth's terrifying aspects make it unique.

    9. Ludo

    TriStar Pictures / Via


    10. Terry Jones

    Samir Hussein / Via Getty Images

    The Monty Python alum wrote the screenplay for the film, which makes perfect sense when you think about the quirky, humorous subtleties that are sprinkled throughout.

    11. The Worm

    TriStar Pictures / Via

    He's only in the movie for a couple minutes, but he is iconic. Raise your hand if you rocked an "I said 'ello!" t-shirt from Hot Topic at some point in your life.

    12. Sir Didymus

    TriStar Pictures / Via

    He was so silly and brave! He's the puppy every kid dreamed of.

    13. The sets

    TriStar Pictures / Via

    This movie is so darn beautiful! We are still in awe of the art direction 32 years later.

    14. The lessons

    TriStar Pictures / Via

    Despite its occasional creepiness, Labyrinth was still a kid's movies, which means it's chalk full of life lessons. Unsurprisingly, some are pretty dark. A few examples: "Life isn't fair." "Be careful what you wish for." "Looks can be deceiving."

    15. The bulge

    TriStar Pictures / Via

    Did Jareth awaken you sexually? Tell us in the comments!

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