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    Updated on Jul 14, 2018. Posted on Jul 13, 2018

    14 Reasons "Die Hard" Will Forever Be The Best Action Flick

    July 15th marks 30 years since "Die Hard" premiered in theaters...

    1. Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber

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    If you look up any "Best Movie Villains" list, the #1 spot is either going to Darth Vader or Hans motherfucking Gruber. There is no big bad that is quite as suave, charming, purely vicious, or downright SEXY (sorry, not sorry).

    2. Bruce Willis as John McClane

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    We all know Bruce as a huge movie star now, but 30 years ago he was just a TV actor who wasn't the first, second or even third choice to play John McClane. He proved himself by being charismatic, cool, and kickass.

    3. The Intensity

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    First and foremost, Die Hard is an action movie that delivers from start to finish. John McClane is put through the ringer and we will never get enough. Shootouts! Explosions! Helicopters! Bloody feet!

    4. The Christmas Spirit

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    The debate of whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie will rage on until the end of time. That fact that it was released in July is one point against, but there's no denying it has a magical holiday quality. RUN-DMC's "Christmas in Hollis" is definitely enough to get you in the mood for eggnog.

    5. Bonnie Bedelia as Holly Gennaro

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    Despite her unfortunate '80s hair, Holly is one of the best female characters in action movie history. She's more than just "the wife" or "the hostage". She is a badass, working woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind or take charge in a crisis.

    6. The Humor

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    This movie is overflowing with hilarious lines, but the best might be, "We're gonna need some more FBI guys, I guess." R.I.P. Paul Gleason.

    7. The Little Details

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    My mom's favorite moment in Die Hard is when John tries on Tony's shoes and they don't fit. In a lazier action movie, John would've been wearing shoes for the remainder of the film. Hi, Mom, and thanks for making me watch Die Hard in high school.

    8. Reginald VelJohnson as Sgt. Al Powell

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    We all know this man was born to play a cop, and his portrayal of Al is so sweet and comforting, you wish he was with you for every major life trauma.

    9. The Supporting Characters

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    Everyone gets their moment to shine, especially the baddies. Karl is an angry, killer beefcake and Theo gets all the best quips.

    10. Argyle & The Bear

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    I mean, come on. CUUUUTIES!

    11. This

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    The moment the SWAT guy gets taken down by a rose bush will forever be one of the funniest moments in movie history.

    12. And this

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    Holly Gennaro McClane PUNCHING DUDES OUT!!!

    13. The Quotability

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    There are NUMEROUS quotable lines, but let's give it up for John's top three:

    3. "Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs..."

    2. "Welcome to the party, pal."

    1. And, of course, "Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker"!

    14. The Legacy

    20th Century Fox

    Sure, most of the sequels are mediocre but Die Hard With a Vengeance is such an original, epic movie that it will deserve its own 30th Anniversary post on May 19th, 2025. And who knows?... Maybe #6 will blow us away!

    What is your favorite Die Hard moment? Tell us in the comments!

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