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28 Truths All Only Children Know To Be True

"Can I bring a friend on vacation?"

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1. Sharing might not be your strongest quality.

#growingupanonlychild when your stupid little cousins come over and your mum tells you to share

2. People with siblings will never understand your struggles.

3. And you'll never understand the complexities of sibling rivalries.

when u go over ur friends house &they start fighting with their siblings and ur kinda just like #GrowingUpAnOnlyChild

4. Every dad joke is reserved for you.

Wtf does my dad mean by this I'm an only child

5. Pets are the only siblings you'll ever know...

Mom: Go take your brother for a walk! #ArthurMemes #growingupanonlychild

6. ...and you're happy to embrace it.

When your only child is raised with lots of dogs ...

7. You've experienced this awkward feeling more than once.

#GrowingUpAnOnlyChild when you go out with your parents you're basically just a third wheel on their date

8. As a kid, you were always around adults.

#growingupanonlychild having to do everything with adults all the time

9. Now, most of your friends are older than you.

#GrowingUpAnOnlyChild not getting along with anyone your own age because you're only used to interacting with adults

10. You find friends wherever you can.

Watching Castaway and really identifying with the inanimate object bond. As an only child, this was my best friend.

11. Everyone assumes you're spoiled.

#GrowingUpAnOnlyChild "spoiled brat" "you must be lucky" "life must be peaceful" "are you rich?"

12. But you actually have to do all the work.

#GrowingUpAnOnlyChild ain't no switchin out chores 😩 you do everything by yo damn self everyday

13. Sure, you can be a little selfish at times.

i swear to god if meghan & harry get married on my birthday i will single-handedly invade england I AM AN ONLY CHIL…

14. And Christmas morning is all about you.

#GrowingUpOnlyChild having your parents awkwardly watch you while you open your christmas presents

15. But it can get lonely.

16. You have an active imagination.

#GrowingUpAnOnlyChild when you weren't allowed to go to a friends house and you had to stay home and play by yourself

17. You learned early on not to ask for board games.

18. You probably asked this question every summer.

#GrowingUpAnOnlyChild "can I bring a friend on vacation?"

19. Your parents have two extreme sides.

20. National Sibling Day can be tough...

#GrowingUpAnOnlyChild Seeing other people post about their siblings on National Sibling Day

21. ...but you make the best of it.

22. All the pressure is on you.

23. You like your alone time...

#growingupanonlychild when you have company over but you're in your room being antisocial bc that's the only life you know

24. ...but you love making new friends.

When you make a new friend and see your future as bffs but are in the early stages of friendship & gotta play it co…

25. You are constantly saddened by this fact.

26. Sometimes you wish you had a sibling...

#GrowingUpAnOnlyChild trying to get a sibling like

27. ...but the perks are WORTH IT.

28. Ultimately, you're happy living the only child life.

#GrowingUpAnOnlyChild seeing your cousins fight for their mom's attention while you're just like...

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