22 Reasons Peter Kavinsky From "To All The Boys..." Is The Dreamiest Guy On Netflix

    Put on a shirt before we collectively faint, Peter!

    1. When he prevented the popcorn spill:

    2. When he dared look this good:

    3. And this:

    4. His initial reaction to the letter:

    5. When he won over Kitty:

    6. His ability to take the perfect photo:

    7. When he opened up:

    8. This:

    9. And this:

    10. His ability to compliment:

    11. And write notes:

    12. He's clearly an amazing kisser:

    13. This move:

    14. Whenever he calls Lara Jean "Covey":

    15. He looks like young Mark Ruffalo:

    16. Did we mention the good looks???:

    17. When he made us all wish we were human pillows:

    18. When he was perfectly observant:

    19. This fucking move:

    20. When he defended Lara Jean:

    21. This face:

    22. And, of course, this: