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    Posted on Nov 28, 2017

    "Love, Actually" Wasn't Supposed To Be A Christmas Movie And We Are Shook

    Wait... What?!

    According to Love, Actually director, Richard Curtis, the movie wasn't originally supposed to take place at Christmastime.

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    This is bananas.


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    First, would Rowan Atkinson be rendered useless?

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    He could be wrapping a Valentine's Day gift, but then we'd lose the "bloody holly" line and that WILL NOT STAND.

    What would be the point of the pageant?

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    This movie takes place in London, so Thanksgiving is off the table.

    St. Patrick's Day, maybe??

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    Nothing screams "love" quite like March 17th.

    Why would Sarah and Karl be dancing, if not at a Christmas party?

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    Actually, maybe our lives would be better if this devastation never happened.

    Would Jamie have skipped Easter with his family instead?

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    "I hate Uncle Jamie" would be a strong sentiment if he'd just left with some Cadbury eggs.

    Without the opportunity to send a Christmas card, how would the Prime Minister know to go after Natalie?

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    Is it an Arbor Day card? Do British people even celebrate Arbor Day? Does anyone celebrate Arbor Day? I DON'T KNOW!

    Why would Harry give Mia a necklace? Is it her birthday?

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    But that wouldn't really explain all of the other gift-giving movie moments. AHHH MY BRAIN.

    I mean, I guess Sam could've chased Joanna through the airport during the summer...

    Universal Pictures / Via


    ...and it would have been nice for Colin to experience the Midwest in the spring.

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    But then why would the women bring him home if it's not a "cold, cold night"???

    What would Billy Mack have changed the lyrics to???

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    "If you really love Good Friday, come on and let it... shine?" UGH THIS MAKES NO SENSE.

    If it's not the season for carol-singers, how would Mark convince Juliet to lie to his best friend/her husband?

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    Oh, wait, they don't sell Girl Scout cookies in the UK. THEY LITERALLY ONLY HAVE CHRISTMAS.

    Let's be grateful that Richard had a Christmas epiphany because the movie just wouldn't be the same without it.

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