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    Thanks To Phoebe Waller-Bridge, "Solo: A Star Wars Story" Is Really Growing On Me

    All hail Queen L3-37!

    Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a goddess who has gifted us with tons of amazing content.

    After the success of Fleabag's second season, people's love for her has reached whole new heights.

    In case you missed it, PWB also voiced L3-37 in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

    If you're like me, Solo was by no means your favorite entry to the Star Wars franchise.

    However, after some recent bonus viewings, the film is really growing on me.

    These newfound positive feelings have a lot to do with PWB.

    Knowing she's the voice behind this rebellious, hilarious, and unapologetic droid really enhances the viewing experience.

    My love for PWB allowed me to start noticing other great things about the film...

    Like Emilia Clarke's wardrobe:

    And Alden Ehrenreich's charm:

    But L3's antics are enough to keep me coming back.

    Unfortunately, L3 didn't survive the film...

    ...But I'm still holding out hope that they'll bring her back.

    All in all, if you haven't rewatched Solo since becoming a Phoebe Waller-Bridge stan, YOU MUST!