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21 False 2017 Predictions And 6 True Ones Made By "Parks And Rec"

"Shia LaBeouf-designed wedding dresses do not come cheap."

In case you're not familiar, the final season of Parks and Rec premiered in January 2015, but took place in 2017.

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Here is a list of every single thing Parks and Rec predicted would happen in (or by) 2017.

1. A Bourne reboot starring Kevin James.

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FALSE! While this never happened (thankfully), Matt Damon DID reprise his role as Jason Bourne in 2016, which was his first time playing the character in nine years. I'd say that's a ~partial~ win for Parks.

2. Holographic glass phones.

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FALSE! While no one expected the fictional company Gryzzl to become real, their advanced tech wasn't completely far-fetched. Unfortunately, we don't have holographic glass devices just yet.

3. Shia LaBeouf designs wedding dresses and jewelry.

NBC / Via, Frazer Harrison / Via Getty Images

FALSE! Although, we decided his line would be called "Flawless" in honor of his movie Lawless.

4. A man winning "Woman of the Year".

Frazer Harrison / Via Getty Images

TRUE! Ben Wyatt isn't the only man to take home this prize. Bono won Glamour's "Woman of the Year" award in 2016. Yes, that is Bono holding his award WHILE POSING WITH AMY POEHLER. Sigh.

5. Hitch 2: Son of a Hitch

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FALSE! Jaden Smith never did team up with his dad for a Hitch sequel. It comes up a couple of times in Parks, so we have to assume the idea had potential. Jaden would rock those shoes, though.

6. America only has eight companies.

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FALSE! Verzion, Chipotle, and Exxon have yet to merge into one company.

7. There's a Pulitzer Prize for listicles.

Via, NBC / Via

FALSE! It's a shame this isn't real, because the list you are currently reading would be an OBVIOUS shoo-in.

8. Biden the Rails: 1001 Poems Inspired by My Travels Through Amtrak's Northeast Corridor

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FALSE! Sadly, this is not a real book written by Joe Biden. However, it would MOST CERTAINLY be a 2017 bestseller.

9. James Woods is a creep.

NBC / Via, @ambertamblyn / Via

TRUE! Okay, so there is a ~chance~ that someone Dax Shepard's age has an adult niece, but if they didn't want the young implication, they could have said James Woods follows his "sister" or "cousin" on Twitter. Either way, we recently learned from Amber Tamblyn (actress/director/champion) that James Woods creeped on her when she was a teen. Nice catch, Parks.

10. Angora toothbrushes.

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FALSE! According to Bloosh's Annabel Porter, Angora toothbrushes should've been "in" this season. Thankfully, no one is sticking rabbit wool in their mouths (that we know of).

11. Personalized gifts delivered via drone.

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True AND False! It's no secret that our phones have an easy time figuring out what we like. That being said, no internet bigwigs are using that information to send personalized gifts to citizens. HOWEVER, drones do deliver things, so this was still a win for Parks predictions.

12. Morgan Freeman and Shailene Woodley feud.

NBC / Via, Frederick M. Brown/Shannon Finney / Via Getty Images

FALSE! Apparently, this feud would've been on par with Biggie and Tupac. Luckily, Shailene was a little too busy starring in Big Little Lies to fight with cinematic legends.

13. Elton John buys Chick-fil-A.

NBC / Via, / Via

FALSE! This one was WAY too good to be true. Can you imagine a world where Chick-fil-A is open on Sundays?... And, you know, not homophobic?

14. Your phone's camera can sense your emotions.

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FALSE (probably)! As far as we know, this is not a thing. However, if it were a thing, the likelihood of it being used to sell coffee is pretty believable.

15. The series finale of Game of Thrones airs...

NBC / Via, HBO / Via

FALSE! Not even close, Parks. Although, Leslie does say, "That show has really gone off the rails." Some people might argue the validity of that prediction (but that's a conversation for another time).

16. ...Daenerys marries Jack Sparrow... / Via

FALSE! Woof. That would've been a REAL upset. Although, to be fair, Jon Snow does look a bit like a pirate.

17. ...and The Winds of Winter is released.

Bantam Books / Via

FALSE! Okay, they never ~explicitly~ say the sixth Game of Thrones book came out, but Ben does say Dany's marriage to Jack Sparrow makes sense if you read the books. Since that DEFINITELY does not happen in books 1-5, we can only assume Parks thought The Winds of Winter would be released by 2017 (we all thought that, tbh, and we were all disappointed).

18. Virtual reality headsets.

NBC / Via

TRUE! This wasn't far-fetched, considering VR technology has existed for a while. However, Parks was correct in assuming they would be available for purchase by 2017.

19. Nicki Minaj and Jesse Eisenberg feud.

NBC / Via, NBC / Via

FALSE! Shockingly, this feud never came to fruition. However, these two were not chosen at random. Nicki was the musical guest the night Jesse hosted SNL in 2011.

20. Tablets double as skateboards.

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FALSE! We all know the screens of today could never handle this.

21. LeBron goes back to Miami.

Via, Andy Lyons / Via Getty Images

FALSE! Cleveland can rest easy, because LeBron hasn't decided to leave since returning to his home state in 2014.

22. Senator Cory Booker & Senator Orrin Hatch's Polynisian Folk Band.

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FALSE! While "Across the Isle" was a nice idea three years ago, it's a dream that died with the 2016 election.

23. Twin Peaks reboot.

NBC / Via, Showtime / Via

TRUE! They had already announced the reboot when Parks was on, but the writers had no way of knowing the struggles David Lynch would endure to actually make it happen. The fact that the show wasn't released until 2017 is a coincidence worth mentioning. Side note: Ben would be proud, because the new Twin Peaks is AMAZING.

24. Elbow bedazzling.

NBC / Via

FALSE! Turns out, paying an insane amount of money to bedazzle your elbow is not a hot LA trend. Honestly surprised.

25. Bruce Willis lives with Christina Aguilera.


FALSE! This dynamic duo never became an item. Although, they've both been in movies with Stanley Tucci, so there IS a connection.

26. A restaurant where all the sushi is made from fish that were once owned by celebrities.

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FALSE! This hilarious/brilliant restaurant has yet to be launched. According to Parks, celebrities such as Charlize Theron, Paul Reiser, Peter Bogdanovich, and Josh Groban would all keep sea creatures as pets and then sell them to be eaten.

27. And, of course, the Cubs winning the World Series.

NBC / Via, Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

TRUE! Whoa. The most ~unbelievable~ prediction of all actually happened in 2016. Whether or not Chicago remained in a good mood through 2017 is... debatable.

Now, we wait patiently to see if the Parks and Rec series finale's predictions, expanding from 2019 and on, come true.

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Yes, those are people attending a funeral via drone.

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