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14 Costumes No One Wants To See This Halloween

Handmaids and Pennywise have this year, and this year only.

First, let me say everyone pictured in this post did an amazing job with their costumes.

Distributor ABC / Via

We're not here to judge them, only their hypothetical successors.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Got it?


20th Century Television / Via

1. Rick Sanchez

Alternative: The Council of Ricks.

Warner Bros. Television Distribution / Via

Please note: Pickle Rick is on ~warning~ for 2018.

2. French Kiss

Alternative: Any of the ~million~ other existing puns.

My Edgar Allen Poe Dameron cosplay #cvg2017

Don't steal this one, either. You can think of your own.

3. General Hogwarts Student

Alternative: At the ~very least~ slap on some glasses and be Harry.

4. Harley Quinn

Alternative: Margot Robbie's Unicorn Dress.

Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

Admittedly, this would be tough, but awesome.

5. While we're at it, the Joker, too.

Alternative: Go with friends as The Office characters' Jokers.

NBCUniversal Television Distribution / Via

Sure, not everyone would get it, but at least you'd be showing the world that you know it's cliché.

6. Basic Ron Swanson

Alternative: Ron & Tammy 2 couples costume.

NBC / Via

These two are the definition of couple goals.

7. Eleven

Alternative: Get crazy with a tank suit.

Netflix / Via

Hopefully, Season 2 will spark a whole new craze of future stale costumes.

8. Trump

Alternative: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Mark Wilson / Getty Images / Via

This is a real costume you can buy.

9. The Sanderson Sisters

Alternative: Grab two friends and dress as Kathy, Bette, and SJP's other iconic characters.

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Inc. / Via, Paramount Pictures / Via, HBO / Via

This may be the best idea I've ever had.

10. Zombie Dead Celebrity

Alternative: Just pay homage by being a non-zombie.

11. Daenerys Targaryen

Alternative: If you can make this coat, you are a BOSS.

HBO / Via

12. The Belchers

Alternative: The kids on Halloween.

20th Television / Via

13. The "slutty" version of something.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Let me clarify... You can wear whatever you damn well please, but take Ms. Norbury's advice and don't call yourself or each other "slutty."

Alternative: Own the fact that you're the ~SEXY~ version.

14. Cultural Appropriation / Via

It's 2017. There is no excuse. Don't fucking do it.

Alternative: Literally anything else.