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    The Hot Priest From "Fleabag" Is The Hottest Man On TV

    Thank you, Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

    The second (and probably final) season of Fleabag is finally here, and it includes the addition of Andrew Scott as The Priest:

    BBC / Via

    More accureately, The HOT Priest:

    The Internet is OBSESSED...

    Still thinking about Andrew Scott as the hot priest

    ...and you're about to be, too:

    BBC / Via

    Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

    You know he's cool as soon as you meet him:

    His chemistry with Fleabag is instant:

    And so sexy.

    He has a charming averison to foxes:

    BBC / Via

    He's the only person to notice when Fleabag breaks the fourth wall.

    BBC / Via

    Beautiful. Perfect. Tragic.

    The moment he said this, it was over for all of us:

    BBC / Via

    He asked Fleabag to kneel, and we couldn't help but get all hot and bothered:

    BBC / Via

    He touched her face:

    BBC / Via

    And then:

    BBC / Via

    It's so wrong, WHICH ONLY MAKES IT HOTTER.

    My GOD can he kiss:

    BBC / Via

    Among other things:

    BBC / Via

    The kissing, though:

    BBC / Via


    And even though he chose God:

    He was still the softest, sweetest, sexiest man alive:

    And he loved her:

    BBC / Via


    Cheers to the hottest priest television has ever known!

    BBC / Via

    Bless you, Andrew Scott.

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