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    Posted on Jan 29, 2018

    21 Faces All Children Of Divorce Will Recognize

    As told by your favorite shows and movies.

    1. The "I Just Met My Dad's New Girlfriend" Face:

    NBC / Via

    Nice to meet you, WOMAN WHO WILL NEVER BE MY MOM.

    2. The "My Younger Half-Sibling Gets More Attention" Face:

    FOX / Via

    Everything about this is unfair.

    3. The "I'm Pretending Dad Isn't Having a Midlife Crisis" Face:

    Buena Vista Pictures / Via

    Nice car, Dad. Very... red.

    4. The "I Had to Eat Two Thanksgiving Dinners" Face:

    NBC / Via

    Yes, Mom, your potatoes are better than Susan's.

    5. The "My Parents Told Me to Choose Who to Spend Christmas Morning With" Face:

    NBC / Via

    Who do I want to offend this holiday season?

    6. The "I Just Met My Mom's Boyfriend's Son" Face:

    VH1 / Via

    Mom, you can't marry someone who raised... that.

    7. The "Mom Already Got Me This Birthday Present" Face:

    CBC / Via

    You couldn't have coordinated in an email?

    8. The "Did You Seriously Just Ask Me When I'm Getting Married" Face:

    HBO / Via

    Have you met my family?

    9. The "Mom Just Said Something Bad About Dad" Face:

    Bravo / Via

    Get over it, Mom.

    10. The "Dad Just Said Something Bad About Mom" Face:

    NBC / Via


    11. The "My Friend's Parents Are Being Affectionate" Face:

    NBC / Via

    What alien planet have I landed on?

    12. The "Someone on TV Just Called Their Step-Parent 'Mom' or 'Dad'" Face:

    NBC / Via

    I'm looking at you, Bradys.

    13. The "My Step-Parent Just Tried to Discipline Me" Face:

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    Nice try, Hank.

    14. The "Mom Said No, Time to Ask Dad" Face:

    Orion Pictures / Via

    I am in charge now.

    15. The "My Step-Parent Just Introduced Me as Their Son" Face:

    FOX / Via

    Should I be offended or flattered? OFFENDED OR FLATTERED?

    16. The "My Dad's Girlfriend Just Bought Me A Gift" Face:

    ABC / Via

    What kind of game are you playing here, Karen?

    17. The "I Just Saw My Dad's 'Bachelor Pad' for the First Time" Face:

    NBC / Via


    18. The "Both My Parents Are Coming to My Graduation" Face:

    NBC / Via

    What could go wrong?

    19. The "Even My Grandparents are Divorced" Face:

    New World Pictures / Via


    20. The "I Just Watched The Parent Trap" Face:

    ABC / Via

    Will I ever team up with my long-lost twin to reunite my parents?

    21. The "As Long as My Parents are Happy, I'm Happy" Face:

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