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    Updated on Aug 6, 2018. Posted on Jul 29, 2018

    13 Reasons The "Mamma Mia" Movies Would Be Nothing Without Christine Baranski

    "Be still, my beating vagina."

    1. She makes you feel confident:

    Universal Pictures / Via

    When you're watching Christine play Tanya, you just know you can do absolutely anything.

    2. She is beyond fierce:

    Universal Pictures / Via

    How does she make a paddle boat look good?? Just look at that stance! She's a literal goddess.

    3. And stylish:

    Universal Pictures / Via

    Bold. Beautiful. Vivacious. THE LIST IS ENDLESS.

    4. She exudes Big Dick Energy:

    watching Christine Baranski be told that she has Big Dick Energy is a fucking MOOD

    In real life AND onscreen.

    5. She has the voice of a sexy angel:

    View this video on YouTube

    Universal Pictures / Via

    The only downside to Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is her shocking lack of a solo. Luckily, we will always have "Does Your Mother Know".

    6. Seriously, her Broadway credits are amazing:

    Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

    Please enjoy this iconic photo of her performing with Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett during Lincoln Center's American Songbook Gala. Can you believe this exists??

    7. Her comedic timing is nop-notch:

    Universal Pictures / Via

    Which is probably why Tanya has all the best lines. Raise your hand if your entire theater erupted in joyful laughter when she said this line.

    8. You just know she'd make the perfect BFF:

    View this video on YouTube

    Universal Pictures / Via

    Annnnd just another excuse to hear her sing.

    9. Her chemistry with Julie Walters is unmatched:

    Universal Pictures / Via

    Seriously, there needs to be a Mamma Mia 3 that focuses on Rosie's present-day wedding and flashes back to Tanya's three weddings. THIS IS THE BEST IDEA, DON'T @ ME.

    10. And so is her chemistry with literally all men:

    Universal Pictures / Via

    Who wouldn't faint at the sight of her??

    11. She won the Here We Go Again premiere:

    Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images, John Phillips / Getty Images

    Well, she tied with the big kiss. BUT LOOK HOW FABULOUS! HOW DOES SHE DO IT???

    12. She's also an amazing dancer:

    Universal Pictures / Via

    The high kick queen!! EVEN CHER THINKS SO!!

    13. She must be magic, because ten years hardly aged her:

    Universal Pictures / Via, Universal Pictures / Via

    Being beloved by all is good for the skin.

    14. Also, bonus shoutout to Jessica Keenan Wynn:

    Universal Pictures / Via, Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

    Honestly, her portrayal of young Tanya was so spot-on, she deserves to win some kind of an award for capturing Christine so flawlessly. Any kind of award will do. Literally, does anyone have an old trophy we can repurpose?


    Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images, Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

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