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16 Reasons Your Period Is Actually Awesome AF

"I dance and praise the heavens that Aunt Flo arrived because it means ~something else~ won’t be arriving."

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the best parts about getting their period. Here are the results.

1. The boob perks.

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"Absolutely the period boobs. I call them my 'Monthly Magic Funbags'. I enjoy that mine swell up to a nicer-than-normal handful. They get so sensitive that they become extra fun to play with."


2. Getting out of gym class.

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"In high school, the P.E. teachers had this unwritten rule... if a student was on her period, she didn't need to participate. All we'd do is flash a look and be excused."


3. It's a fuckboy deterrent.

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"Periods are good for screening out immature boys. If a guy is dramatic or says 'ew' when he learns I'm on my period, I mentally register him as a middle school boy until he proves himself otherwise."


"If you get catcalled, just throw a tampon at the guy. It’s priceless."


4. Feeling clean.

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"It's really satisfying to wash out the blood in the shower and watch it all go down the drain. Then, putting on a new pad because you feel all dry and comfy.


"I pretend I just accidentally murdered someone and watch as my guilt, in all its bloodiness, washes from me. Adds to the drama of it all."


5. Period sex.

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"I have the most passionate, raw, and animalistic sex when I’m on my period."


"Normally, my sex drive is pretty low. I love sex, but I'm a full-time nursing student and mom, so naturally, I'm exhausted. When I get my period, I crave sex and it makes that week a little less stressful."


6. Feeling the female power...

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"I always get this immense burst of confidence when I get my period! It makes me feel like a sexy badass motherfucker who can literally rule the world."


"It's pretty metal that one of my major internal organs molts like a snake once a month and I continue to live. TELL ME I AM WEAK!"


7. ...and just being comfortable in your own skin.

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"Having my period, especially since I started using a menstrual cup, has definitely made me more comfortable and familiar with my body."


8. The magnificent poops.

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"Is there truly anything more glorious than a period poop? Zero effort and then your intestines are squeaky clean. Disgusting and smelly as hell, yes. But ultimately satisfying."


"Taking a shit that makes you feel like you've lost 10 kilos and cleaned your soul."


9. Feeling healthy and happy.

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"Knowing that your body is operating and healthy."


"I have severe depression and anxiety caused by a chemical imbalance in my brain, and when I'm on my period, it balances out and I'm actually the happiest I am all month."


10. Finding out your S.O. is a champion.

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"My hubby makes me a 'period package.' Chocolates, flowers, and sometimes he pulls out the heat pad."


"My boyfriend buys me Ben & Jerry's... now that's love."


11. Getting a good night's sleep.

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"I get the best sleep during my period. It usually takes me a long time to fall asleep and I don't always feel well-rested in the morning. During my period, I usually fall into a deep sleep right away and feel great the next day."


"Brilliant sex dreams!"


12. Eating junk food, guilt-free.

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"I get to eat chocolate without feeling guilty."


"I crave cherry limeade from Sonic, fries from McDonald's, and tacos from Taco Bueno. Hits the spot just right."


13. The overall female solidarity...

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"The random friendships you make with other girls over your periods."


"An upside is knowing I am one of the BILLIONS of women sharing this experience. LOVE YOU ALL, MY BLOOD SISTERS!"


14. ...and even the occasional male solidarity.

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"I own a box of tampons because I'm that kind of gay friend."


15. Being free to feel all the feels.

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"Sometimes, you can blame your period for your crazy/stupid/nonsense behavior whether or not it was caused by your period."


"Call me weird, but the crying part. I feel so much lighter/relieved after crying for a bit."


16. And, of course, discovering you're not pregnant.

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"Some months, I dance and praise the heavens that Aunt Flo arrived because it means something else won’t be arriving."


"Every single month it's such a relief to know that I don't have a tiny pre-human growing inside of me."


"Periods suck but kids suck even more."


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