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21 Times Movies And TV Got College Very, Very Wrong

Most of these colleges don't even exist, you guys!!

1. Pitch Perfect

Paramount Pictures

Expectation: You will become the leader of a well-established club/group in your freshman year and immediately lead them to a national championship.

Reality: You will probably audition multiple times before finally getting in during your junior year.

2. Gilmore Girls

WB / Via

Expectations: You can take a semester off from YALE and still graduate on time.

Reality: You'll be lucky if you graduate from a non-Ivy League school on time.

3. Road Trip

DreamWorks Pictures / Via

Expectations: You can keep pets (including snakes) in your dorm.

Reality: You can't even keep candles in your dorm.

4. Legally Blonde

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

Expectations: It's super easy to get into Harvard and even your most obscure interests will help you win court cases.

Reality: Unfortunately, the most realistic thing might be Professor Callahan's behavior.

5. Good Will Hunting

Miramax Films / Via

Expectations: Even the janitors have mentors.

Reality: There are few teachers like Sean Maguire out there, and they probably won't remember your name, let alone mentor you.

6. The Social Network

Columbia Pictures / Via

Expectations: Even anti-social nerds can succeed!

Reality: They're just privileged white men.

7. Saved by the Bell: The College Years

NBC / Via

Expectations: You will move to college with all of your high school friends and be BFFs forever and ever.

Reality: You will be forced to make new friends and attempt to introduce them to your high school friends over spring break and they will not get along.

8. Revenge of the Nerds

20th Century Fox / Via

Expectations: If you're good at sex, a girl will forgive anything.

Reality: Tricking a girl into having sex with you is NEVER okay.

9. Drumline

20th Century Fox / Via

Expectations: If you quit the prestigious group that gave you a full ride to college, they will welcome you back with open arms, and let you play in their big show/competition last minute.

Reality: Chances are, you won't a get a full ride for your talents, but if you do, you will be replaced the second you quit.

10. Dead Man on Campus

Paramount Pictures / Via

Expectations: You will automatically get straight A's if your roommate commits suicide.

Reality: That is not a real thing, guys. Don't murder your roommate and stage it as a suicide.

11. Community

NBC / Via

Expectations: Your freshman year friends will remain your forever friends and community college lasts four years.

Reality: Freshman friends are typically demoted to Facebook friends and community college definitely lasts two years.

12. Animal House

Universal Pictures / Via

Expectations: Fraternity houses are non-stop fun.

Reality: Fraternity houses are disgusting.

13. Neighbors

Universal Pictures / Via

Expectations: Parties have barrels filled with LITERAL TONS of weed.

Reality: Even a gram of weed is a coveted commodity.

14. Flatliners

Columbia Pictures / Via

Expectations: There's plenty of down time during med school, and people typically spend it doing wild experiments on each other.

Reality: The only wild thing that occurs in med school is the impressive amount you're able to accomplish without sleeping.

15. American Pie 2

Universal Pictures / Via

Expectations: All of your high school friends will be exactly the same after freshman year, and you will most likely have a threesome experience before you're legally allowed to drink.

Reality: Half of your friends don't even come home for summer vacation and the other half are certainly not out there having threesomes.

16. Felicity

WB / Via

Expectations: Following your crush to college is a super chill move that will definitely end well. Also, cutting your hair will have dire consequences.

Reality: Neither of those things are true.

17. Whiplash

Sony Pictures Classics / Via

Expectations: If you really want to succeed, be prepared for your teacher to be a psychopath.

Reality: Most professors aren't passionate about anything.

18. Love Story

Paramount Pictures / Via

Expectations: Love means never having to say you're sorry.

Reality: You're going to do some stupid shit that you'll most definitely want to apologize for.

19. Liberal Arts

IFC Films / Via

Expectations: Your alma mater will welcome you with open arms, no matter how old you get.

Reality: Your professors will forget you immediately.

20. Old School

DreamWorks Pictures / Via

Expectations: It's totally normal for old dudes to throw ragers on campus.

Reality: People over 30 who hang out with college kids are creepy AF.

21. Undeclared

FOX / Via

Expectations: Good, realistic shows about college will be welcomed by society with open arms.

Reality: They get cancelled.

Are there any movies or shows that gave you the wrong impression of the college experience? Tell us in the comments!

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