20 Perfect "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Moments That Filled You With Joy

    This list is truly ~kickass~.

    1. When Buffy realized almost immediately that Cordelia was not BFF material.

    2. The moment the girls saw Xander in his Speedo.

    3. Any interaction between Joyce and Spike.

    4. Oz seeing Willow for the first time.

    5. Jokester Giles.

    6. That time Principal Synder tried to be a Scooby.

    7. Every second of "Dopplegangland".

    8. When Giles had a momentary lapse in judgment.

    9. This.

    10. Willow and Tara making beautiful magic together for the first time.

    11. Fuck you, Maggie!

    12. Five words or less...

    13. All interactions between Xander and Giles.

    14. When Riley leaves.

    15. This little diddy.

    16. The alter egos.

    17. When Spike gives Andrew a ride.

    18. Anya's big mistake.

    19. When we got some insight into Andrew's mind.

    20. And last but not least, this.

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