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    25 Things To Do With Kids In The Fall

    It's Fall Y'all! It's absolutely beautiful, and the perfect time to make memories with these 25 awesome fall activities for kids.

    1. Go To The Pumpkin Patch

    2. Paint Acorns

    3. Make a Tin Can Pumpkin

    4. Make a Button Pumpkin

    5. Make Craft Stick Crows

    6. Make a Pumpkin Mobile

    7. Make Leaf Animals

    8. Try Corn Meal Writing

    9. Try Acorn Math

    10. Corn Sorting

    11. Leaf Lacing!

    12. Make Apple Pie Play Dough

    13. Use Leaf Identification Cards

    14. Draw a fall tree

    15. Make Pumpkin Spice Mud

    16. Make Fall Colored Rice

    17. Make a CD Owl

    18. Make Tissue Paper Leaves

    19. Derpy Owls

    20. Pumpkin Bowling