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    17 Football Things For People Who Don't Actually Care About The Game

    It's that time of year again, when people you care a lot about start inviting you to watch things you don't care about at all. Survive the onslaught with things that are football-shaped, but involve a lot less yelling at the TV.

    1. Cartoon Football Cookies

    2. Watermelon Football Helmet

    3. Chocolate-Dipped Football Sliced Apples

    4. Summer Sausage Football Bites

    5. Spicy Pepper Oreo Cookie Balls

    6. Nutter Butter Referees

    7. Football Cinnamon Roll Cookies

    8. Big Game Commercial Bingo

    9. Game Day Bingo

    10. Football Nail Art

    11. Football Cutting Board

    12. Penalty Flag Napkins

    13. Game Day Paper Chain

    14. Painted Football Pumpkin

    15. Oreo Play Book

    16. Turf Table

    17. Football Mason Jar Drinks