10 Awesome Ways To Play With Ice

Summer’s here and that means so is the heat! Help your kids cool down with these super fun ice activities!

1. Colored Ice Play

Colorful and Cold. Yes, please. This looks like hours of backyard fun for my kid!

2. Frozen Popsicle Chalk

Whoa, this looks almost good enough to eat. But, um—don’t. It probably tastes gross.

3. Make Ice Boats

These ice boats are too cute. It’s fun to watch them melt in the water.

4. Trap Super Heroes In Ice

Trap your favorite super heroes in ice and let your kids figure out how to break them out!

5. Make Ice Paint

Ice paint is so cool. Maybe I will just make some for myself!

6. Make an Ice Necklace

When your kids are dying from the summer heat, cool them off with this awesome necklace. How cool is this?

7. Glowing Ice Painting

Let your kids paint the ice for a cool glowing effect. AWESOME!

8. Exploding Ice Treasure

These ice cubes explode to reveal a hidden treasure. Must. Do. This.

9. Ice Trains

Choo Choo! All aboard the ice train. Use cake pans to make awesome ice molds!

10. Make Scented Ice

Scented ice will make backyard play awesome. It’s so easy!

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